Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Motherless Daughters

I can't imagine living life without my Mum,
Mum's are the person to talk to when everyone else is too busy to listen.
They are the women we look up to for inspiration, unconditional love and relentless care.
They show us how to be women and as we grow older we learn how strong you have to be to be a Mother.

I have discovered a beautiful blog where Cheryl Strong uses her creativity to share her Mothers legacy.
She offers a safe, positive please for daughters to fall and rise once again.
I was lovely to speak with her.
Cheryl is so blessed to have had such a special Mother and her Mother has clearly done a wonderful job at raising such a beautiful daughter.

Please check out her blog and show your support.

Click to hear our Interview


Sydney, Australia
My DREAM is to one day start a charity for Motherless Daughters. I am a Motherless Daughter and when I lost my Mother it felt like my heart just broke in two. Although I struggled with my Mothers death (and still do on many occassions) I see myself as one of the fortunate ones because I had so much love and support to help me through my sadness and grief. I know that other Motherless Daughters are not so "lucky" so I would LOVE to help them. Setting up this blog is the first steps towards my DREAM. The aim of this blog is to provide women and girls with an opportunity to connect with other women who have lost their mothers - to share experiences, offer support and hopefully form new friendships. My aim is to connect Motherless Daughters, young and old all around the world. So if you have lost your mother this blog is for you! It's a HAPPY blog, full of inspiration, celebration, love, quotes and beautiful memories. ENJOY xo


  1. Dear Cheryl darling....... and Chantel,

    thankyou for the opportunity to hear your interview. Your approach is fabulous and I look forward to helping, given my story and strength are a very positive facet in a very raw and challenging situation.
    I look forward to sharing ideas to channel our energy into something rewarding and gorgeously fabulous to benefit all!
    Our mothers are with us now and forever and very proud right today and always : )
    Love Tanya xxxxxxx

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